Diabetes is a chronic disease also known as high blood glucose, which is caused by many factors depending on the type of diabetes, but no matter the reason, it results in excess sugar in the blood. When the pancreas cannot produce an ample amount of insulin (insulin is a hormone that regulates blood sugar) or cannot efficiently use insulin, it causes high blood sugar.

When a person is diagnosed with diabetes, there are a lot of possibilities that they will end up damaging many body parts internally, such as nerves, kidneys (there are many known kidney diseases caused by diabetes), blood vessels in the heart, and eyes.

Many symptoms go unnoticed in the early stage, such as feeling thirsty, urinating more than usual, being fatigued, blurred vision, gaining and losing weight anonymously. Patients diagnosed with diabetes have a high risk of heart attack, strokes, and kidney failure, which causes an untimely death. Four hundred twenty-two million people were diagnosed with diabetes according to the public health report in 2014, which rose almost to 529 million in 2023; this number will be stacked up to 1.3 billion by the year 2050. In lower middle-income countries, the mortality rate due to diabetes was 13%.

People might think for once that a high dosage of sugar in their diet is the primary reason for a disease like diabetes, but the reality is very different. As per the scientific research in this field, this is one of many factors causing diabetes. Other factors such as genetic lineage (people carrying disease from their parents), environmental factors, overweight, obesity, physical inactivity, and high calorie in diet were found to be the reason behind this disease. Although a high amount of sugar directly does not cause diabetes, it increases the chances of getting diagnosed with it as it contains high calories, which causes diabetes in overweight people. Diabetes is very preventable if the right actions are taken when the symptoms are shown, such as regular exercise, a balanced diet, tracking the amount of sugar and other elements with high calories, avoiding food items that leave us with sugar cravings, avoiding smoking and alcohol (as alcohol consumers are more prone to the disease as compared to other people), etc.

The pharmaceutical industry has developed many salts and formulas ( such as Glimepiride and Metformin) which they claim are the solution for diabetes of all types; however, the results say otherwise as most of the patient suffering from high blood glucose when they start taking the medication end up depending on it for the rest of their lives. In many cases where the issue is severe, people are directed by the doctor to inject themselves with insulin every single day to maintain the flow of sugar in the blood. That’s how bad the situation of the pancreas can get in diabetes. The medicines are good enough to regulate the sugar in the blood to maintain it but to say that they are the solution for the same would not be right as none of them have been able to get rid of the disease permanently. Once you stop taking the medicines, the conditions start reappearing. Scientists have not been able to find a solution that permanently gets rid of the disease; however, they have suggested a few precautions for the general public to prevent diabetes, such as

1-Regular exercise

2-Carbohydrates management

3-Eat enough fiber

4-Drink plenty water

5-Chromium and Magnesium

6-Sleep properly

Although these steps are efficient till you are not diagnosed with diabetes, you need to make sure that these steps are taken care of properly to avoid diabetes. With the number of people getting diagnosed with diabetes, it is a grave concern; till now, almost one person in every house is diagnosed with this disease (severe or mild), indicating its deep roots. One cannot clearly state the exact reasons behind the illness as it is also carried from generation to generation; however, scientists and experts have yet to find the solution to the disease and other unanswered queries.

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