As we generally observe in today’s time, whatever we do or eat is not that much healthier and worth it, it may be due to excessive use of unhealthy foods with significantly little exercise and energy supplements, overall this all made a destructive impact over our health of skin and hairs simultaneously. The wrong diet we choose with insufficient vitamin and proteins cause a big problem for all of us that comes out as excessive falling of hairs, rashes of skin, itching, etc.

These are the common problems we face for hair and skin; this only happens due to not getting a sufficient amount of vitamin nutrients that we need, or sometimes medications or external factors affect our hair and skin health. In this blog, we will discuss the significant causes of bad hair and skin health and tell healthy tips to cure these problems forever.

Reasons for bad hair and skin health:

Reasons for lousy health of skin and hair can be many, like stress, depression, certain cancers, infections, and lack of nutrition. These are the main reasons for having bad skin and hair health. Every time you see the fall of hair and skin problems, you must think, how can we get rid of these problems? We connect you to the nutritional value you can add to a regular diet, which can be mentioned below.

Among many essential factors or beauty nutrients, we will discuss the main ones: protein, seafood, Nuts, vitamin C, kiwifruit, Beta carotene, Vitamin A, Water, and essential fats like omega-6fats. These are potent sources in maintaining good health of hair and skin.

Protein: protein helps in maintaining a sound, healthy immune system; it also boosts brain functioning; it has a fantastic impact on building muscle mass.

Beta carotene: these vitamins help grow healthy hair and also help in fighting against dry and weak strands.

Vitamin A: it is best in providing nourishment to hair and skin, improves vision power, and is an essential vitamin for reproduction and development.

Vitamin C: it is so important in enhancing the immunity power and boosting the metabolism; it helps in lowering the risk of chronic disease and heart problems, too.

Omega-6 fats: it is an essential fat that helps in increasing brain function; it is also suitable for the growth of hairs and maintains the reproductive system.

Add Nutritions like:

1- Try to eat food like Avocados and vegetables.

2- Also add salmon and nuts to your daily diet.

 3- Consumption of natural sugar or sweeteners is better than ultra-processed foods.

4- Limit the consumption of junk all the time.

5- consume all the healthy sources of vitamins B and C. Both of them are so important for scalp health and the growth of skin.

6- We lose so much hair due to a lack of vitamin b12, so try to add it more to the nutrition diet chart for better results.

7- A proper, healthy diet with a regular sleep cycle is vital in nourishing skin and resting time.


However, not only getting too much nutrition suddenly is one of the options, but you will also have to maximize its effect with the help of some of these things like going for random walks, fixing your timing of workout, consulting your doctor to know more about diet chart, surround yourself with those who motivate you.

These are some of the essential nutrition that you should add:

1- Consuming seafood because it contains essential fats.

2- Iron is a vital source of nourishment.

3- Adding whole grains like Muesli; these are healthy nutrients that help beautify skin.

Also, scheduling the timing of intake of nutrition is essential, which is written as :

1- Breakfast time should be proper. Start with healthy foods like almonds, walnuts, milk, etc.

2- Lunch must include whole grains with some vegetables.

3- Snack: you can choose with less fats like nuts or fruit instead.

4- For dinner, you can choose meat or chicken in a minimal quantity or vegetables and add fruit salad.

5- Drink enough water because water is the best cure for all skin and other diseases; water keeps the body’s metabolic activities well.

By practicing these habits and rules, you will surely get the benefits and enhancement in health.

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